Computer science isn’t just about computers. Computer science is present nearly everywhere in the modern world and it’s driving innovation in energy, music and entertainment, medicine, transportation, and many other fields. Technology affects everything, and computer science education is the foundation.

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  • CS doesn’t count as core course for high school students in 41 states, including Oregon.
  • Most schools offer CS as a career and technical education (CTE) option, not as college prep.
  • Only 14 states (not including Oregon) have adopted significant standards for CS education in secondary schools.
  • AP CS is offered in fewer than 10% of US high schools. TechStart estimates that 10 or fewer high schools in Oregon offer AP CS.
  • In 2010 only 14,517 HS students took the AP CS exam while 194,784 took AP calculus AB exam.
  • CS had the worst gender balance of any of the AP tests; in 2010 only 19 percent of the CS test takers were women, while other tests were much closer to 50%.