Our Oregon K-12 students are losing competitive ground in today’s global economy as our school budgets decline and electives such as engineering and computer science are cut. TechStart wants to change that.

K-12 Computer Science Programs

Programs supported by TechStart fill the gaps left by the school system by training K-12 teachers in relevant technology topics and providing hands-on, educational experiences for students in and outside the classroom. Support by Oregon businesses that both make and use technology is integral to our programs and the students who benefit from them year after year.

We train K-12 teachers in relevant technology topics and provide hands-on, educational experiences for students in and outside the classroom.

The programs below are proven, established programs that TechStart has supported in the past and will support in the future once we re-establish funding pipeline:

  • SuperQuest – TechStart works cooperatively and closely with the Oregon Computer Science Teachers Association (OCSTA) to promote this program.  SuperQuest is a very unique, intensive, hands-on series of workshops, offered statewide for K-12 technology teachers and other educators who want to effectively teach technology, both as a part of their regular classroom curriculum and as an after-school, or another program. 
  • The Oregon Game Project Challenge (OGPC) – This program is the only state-wide game programming competition in Oregon. The multidisciplinary project introduces students to computer programming basics while educating them in science and current events. Teams create computer games designed to be fun, challenging and innovative. Games are designed to incorporate the current year’s theme and are evaluated throughout a season which runs from November through May. Awards are based on several categories, including programming, professionalism, game research and development, teamwork, and presentation.
  • OCSTA Spring & Fall Conferences – TechStart provides support to OCSTA to organize and hold two conferences which include workshops on relevant subjects and the opportunity for teachers/educators across the State to network and share ideas. 
  • George Fox Programming Contest – TechStart supports this annual High School Programming Contest, a statewide competition in computer programming, problem solving and critical thinking. The competition requires teams to solve challenging programming problems in a condensed time frame. The event encourages teamwork and programming achievement at diverse skill levels, simulating a real-world work experience. 
  • IT Educator Award — We have honored an outstanding technology teacher annually with the Oregon IT Educator of the Year Award. This includes a cash award to the teacher to assist with her or his classroom technology costs. 
  • ORTOP. TechStart is an active supporter of the Oregon Robotics Tournament and Outreach Program (ORTOP), (the Oregon affiliate of First Lego League), providing coach training via SuperQuest to this statewide extracurricular program. K-12 Students form teams and work to meet a given objective over multiple months which include the use of Lego robotics. The program emphasizes teamwork, research, presentation skills, and software/engineering problem-solving.