Our Vision

Make Oregon’s K-12 schools the model for delivering a 21st century education that inspires students to become leaders in technology and innovation.

Our Mission

Provide teacher training and student enrichment activities that incorporate computer science, information technology, and engineering education in Oregon K-12 schools.

How We Deliver

To achieve our goals, we provide programs in three key areas:

  • Educator Professional Development

    TechStart supports professional development, such as SuperQuest, for technology teachers and teachers interested in integrating technology into their curriculum. Students become excited and engaged in new interests, aptitudes and careers when they have guided access to computer science, digital media and specialized technology curriculum. Our goal is to educate and train teachers today to ensure that the benefits of technology education will reach students for generations to come.

  • Advanced Technology Student Enrichment

    TechStart supports quality programs to students who demonstrate an interest in technology.

  • Ecosystem Development

    TechStart works to create a supportive ecosystem for technology education by recognizing teaching excellence with the Oregon Technology Educator of the Year award, which includes funding for the teacher’s classroom. With the help of industry partners, we also research technology education gaps and create partnerships and opportunities to fill these gaps.

Learn more about our programs and how we are building a solid foundation of essential skills for today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce.